Recruiting Trends in Manufacturing

Posted on 30 July 2021

​Digitalisation is one of the biggest challenges, but also one of the greatest opportunities for UK manufacturing. Although changes to the way businesses operate may often seem daunting, there is plenty of evidence that tells us that by adopting new technologies first, can enable them to become more resilient, more efficient and importantly, more productive.

It may not even be tech that your manufacturing business needs! You may just need to adopt succession planning, or perhaps recruiting from a different talent pool altogether like the ones we discuss in our FREE Guide to Best Practice in Modern Manufacturing Recruitment.

Some manufacturers do not even think about succession planning and the lack of pipelines for young talent goes hand in hand with the need to be an attractive brand to establish stronger manufacturing candidate pipelines. Manufacturers just starting initiatives such as engaging students in school are competing with sectors like tech, pharma, healthcare, business consulting and the military, all of whom already have strong pipelining programs in place.

In addition, almost half of manufacturers are revising their recruitment strategy to employ workers with transferable skills from other industries and sectors. This suggests that, in line with our findings earlier, manufactures are recognising the shrinking talent pool available to them and are beginning to actively recruit from elsewhere. This places greater emphasis on the need for employees to have transferable skills in the next five years.

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