Bouncing Back from Covid

Posted on 03 August 2021

The UK is an established global leader when it comes to manufacturing and Lincolnshire is at the very heart of it.

For many manufactures across Lincolnshire, COVID-19 has presented the single biggest disruption they’ve faced. As restrictions were imposed in the UK and globally, factories ground to a halt, productions lines stopped, while swathes of workers downed tools and order books shrank overnight. The pandemic caused a significant dip in manufacturing employment levels.

While the outbreak has been devastating for manufacturers across Lincolnshire, it has provided pause for thought, and refocussed where and how businesses should direct their efforts. This pause is now the perfect time to check out our FREEModern Manufacturing Recruitment guide, see how your business can benefit.

The main talking point now, if it wasn’t already is recruitment and it is now at the very top of most Lincolnshire manufactures priority lists as they continue to bounce back from Covid. The demand for staff now, is greater than ever and many Lincolnshire manufactures are struggling to find the skilled staff they need.

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