Bridging The Skills Gap Through Veteran Recruitment

Posted on 05 August 2021

Today’s armed forces are accustomed to operating in the most complex of environments, maximising the benefits of teamwork whilst harnessing cutting edge technology to its very limits.

Senior-level manufacturing employees have a tendency to stay with their company for decades, if not their entire careers. Many of these managers, executives, engineers, and other key-roles employees are now approaching retirement, but the lack of promotion opportunity from within means companies don’t have enough experienced internal candidates they can move up to excel in these roles. Because of this, employers are looking for inspiration as to how they bridge these skill gaps.

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The options for employers include attracting more passive candidates, and sourcing candidates with management experience from other industries, both of which require more time and effort. Another solution could be for you to hire from Armed Forces Community.

People from the Armed Forces Community have unrivalled experience and excellent personal qualities. They have been tested in highly demanding and pressurised situations and are used to taking responsibility for their actions and getting this done first time. As well as these transferable skills, service leavers bring their considerable experience, moral and physical courage to your business.

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