Effects of Brexit on Manufacturing Recruitment

Posted on 12 August 2021

Including service and business links to manufacturing, manufacturing is responsible for 15-22% of the UK economy and 18-27% of employment in the UK. Given this, it’s fair to say that shocks to the UK manufacturing can have a major impact on the broader UK economy.

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UK and Lincolnshire manufacturing is tightly linked to with the EU In a number of ways. Nearly a half of UK exports and imports of manufacturing goods go to, and come from, the EY, and EU labour helps to fill key skills gaps in the UK. Some sectors, like automotive, are highly integrated into EU-wide supply chains.


The UK will leave the customs union and single market, which includes changes in the way you import and export, the way you hire from the EU, and the way you provide services.

Recruiters now believe that Brexit has made the UK a less attractive destination for EU talent.


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