How Technology Has Affected Manufacturing Recruitment

Posted on 16 August 2021

​Some industrial digital technology such as collaborative robots (cobots), automated processes and AI can help to support existing workforces, allowing employees to work collaboratively with technology, particularly on tasks that are repetitive and low skilled, allowing them to focus on the more knowledge-based elements of their roles.

Collaborative robots (cobots) are providing manufactures with safe, versatile, easy-to-use automation that supports human labourers . But how could you replace humans with a collaborative robot? These “Cobots” are ergonomically designed machines which service a wide variety of human needs and offer a broad range of capabilities. They are actually improving work conditions and empowering humans to have more fulfilling jobs in manufacturing industries, explained in more detail throughout our FREE Modern Manufacturing guide. We provide a deeper look into Modern Manufacturing Recruitment while covering many topics from an ageing workforce to how technology is affecting manufacturing.

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