How can Virtual Reality help Recruitment?

Posted on 16 June 2023

To kick things off…VR? Sure, we’ve all heard of it but what even is it?

So, VR stands for Virtual reality, [1] the technology seeks to create a realistic three-dimensional image or environment that a human can perceive as real, and even interact with in realistic ways.

The VR idea initially started with entertainment, no wires or cables to limit the flexibility and space, you are fully immersed. You’re standing in your living room one minute and in the next, you’re in a spaceship spectating the galaxy and the world below you. So how can we move away from entertainment and relate VR to business, education and of course recruitment?

A few examples of this could be a job fair, virtual coffee, virtual meeting or a virtual assessment before you’ve even applied. [2] The job fair aspect of VR in recruitment could work as David McDermott mentions in his ‘The future of VR in recruitment’ article. He says “There’s only so much that fliers, videos, and staff can do to portray the working experience. Virtual and augmented realities will allow candidates to actually see and interact with things, such as the office, rather than an interpretation of it.”

This really could be revolutionary - let’s say you work in construction, engineering or even a surgeon, you could be assessed on your ability and knowledge which in turn makes the hiring process a lot easier and less time consuming.

But how does it relate to recruitment and how can we use it?

Say hello to AR or Augmented Reality, we can revolutionise the workplace and tasks from this feature but lets' get back to basics…what does this actually mean? Whilst VR is virtual reality, AR is augmented reality which [3] “allows us to see the real life environment right in front of us – trees swaying in the park, dogs chasing balls, kids playing football – with a digital augmentation overlaid on it” AR can also have a significant impact on recruitment and employee training. By using AR technology, companies can create immersive and interactive experiences for candidates and employees. We could do this by the types of virtual reality which include entertainment (e.g. videogames and music), business (e.g. virtual meetings) and education (e.g. courses, work training and more), This can help to reduce training costs and improve the learning experience for employees.

What are the benefits of VR in recruitment in relation to jobs?

VR technology has many benefits in the recruitment process, here are some of the key advantages of VR in recruitment:

VR can be used for several things such as employee training and onboarding and here’s why, [4] According to a survey by PwC, “35% of businesses are already using VR technology for employee training, and another 28% are planning to implement it in the near future” which is huge if you think about it, VR in recruitment will be 2nd nature to us all. The only way is up, VR can provide a more engaging and interactive training experience for employees, helping them to better understand complex concepts and procedures. This can lead to a more skilled and knowledgeable workforce, resulting in improved job performance and productivity.

VR can be used to create simulations for job interviews and assessments. In a study by Manpower Group, [5] “67% of candidates said they would have a more positive impression of a company that used VR in the recruitment process”. So could this be the future of VR in recruitment after seeing these figures? It just might be as they can provide a more immersive and realistic assessment experience for candidates, allowing them to showcase their skills and competencies in a more natural and authentic way. This can help to identify the right candidates for the job, leading to better quality hires.

The future of recruitment could be in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. What are your thoughts on this?


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