RecruitME Enjoy Army Training Day

Last week, RecruitME where privileged to have been invited to attend and enjoy the East Midlands Exercise Jobplace Spear, a one day Employer Engagement event, delivered by the British Army on Thursday 5th July 2018 at Chetwynd Barracks in Nottingham.

Attending the event from RecruitME was Nigel Benjamin, Ross Park and Ed Jepson, who joined an array of companies from across the East Midlands region in taking part in hands on activities. These events included, observation Battle Casualty Drills, where the groups witnessed a simulation of Battle Field First Aid in action after detonation of an improvised explosive device left two causalities in a remote dessert village. Witnessing how the Army assessed the situation, secured the area and dealt with the injured before performing emergency care and removing them from the area to safety.

At the start of the day our three cadets, experienced Counter Explosive Ordnance and rolled vehicle training. This was an exercise where our three cadets where instructed to adorn combat vests and helmets and strap themselves into a training armoured vehicle. At this point the vehicle was firstly rotated to 25°, which is the tolerance before the vehicle will roll. Thereafter, the simulation vehicle was rotated to 90° then 180° and lastly 360°, all whilst learning the art of clear and precise communication to the colleagues around you. Meaning in the event of a strike or detonation of an explosive device that injuries are kept to a minimum and everyone can safely escape the vehicle.

Following this, the team learned about Army equipment covering standard issue, unit specific issue and demonstrations of maintenance undertaken to ensure operational safety, particularly for fire arms. On to the next training session, which linked to the equipment where our Cadets for the day were unleashed on to a Firing Range. Don’t worry! No live ammunition was used, which is a good thing given Ross’ weapon handling skills. Nigel and Ed passed with flying colours in terms of accuracy and operation of the weapon. This was due to the expert training and instruction provided by the Army instructors present and assisting at the range.

The day’s activities were sandwiched between insight talks and discussions on leadership, training and the transferable skills that personnel from the Armed Forces Community can offer to the wider workplace. Nigel, Ross and Ed would like to thank Col John Wilson and Catherine Suckling of the East Midlands RFCA for inviting us to attend and take part in the training day it was very enjoyable and insightful. All three of us left feeling confident as we continue our works assisting candidates from the Armed Forces Community into their next career after meeting, talking and listening with them throughout the event.