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A Fleet Manager, or Transportation Manager ensures that a company’s transport operations are efficient and profitable. Their duties include purchasing or leasing the appropriate vehicles, scheduling regular vehicle maintenance and making recommendations to management regarding more effective processes.

The duties and responsibilities of a Fleet Manager involve many different aspects, including analysis, reporting, budgeting, supervising and negotiating. Although the scope of their duties varies according to the type of industry and the size of the company, generally their main tasks include:

  • Working closely with a Controller or Manager to develop strategies for improved cost efficiency

  • Ensuring that a fleet of vehicles is operating in accordance with legislation and regulations

  • Communicating with Insurance Brokers and organising the appropriate insurance for Drivers and vehicles

  • Assisting with the drafting and implementation of effective policies and processes regarding fleet operations

  • Managing strict vehicle maintenance and servicing schedules to minimise downtime

  • Monitoring Driver behaviour and taking disciplinary action where necessary

  • Maintaining accurate and detailed records of vehicle inspections and services

  • Monitoring fleet costs and ensuring that they remain within budget