What are the Key Roles within Manufacturing?

Posted on 27 July 2021

Our Manufacturing Sector employs roughly 39,000 workers, accounting for 16% of the jobs in Lincolnshire including agri-food manufacturing.

When it comes to the agri-food the industry is changing fast through developments on precision agriculture and farming, as well as the smart food processing. The industry is forever responding to these challenges with an intensified digitisation and the understanding of advanced technologies. All areas of industrial production need factory floor staff, supervisors, and managers to carry out and oversee the necessary practical work. Within many areas of manufacturing and production, essential work in research, product development, testing and experimentation needs to be carried out before production can occur. For instance, flavour technicians, who work in the food and drink industry, conduct experiments with combinations of chemicals and then carry out taste tests to conjure new flavours.

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Greater Lincolnshire is home to world-class manufacturing companies. This has played a part in providing a legacy of sites and skills, offering investors the opportunity to operate from a prime location that already boasts manufacturing and engineering strengths which encompass power engineering, metro chemicals & chemicals, steel manufacture, and motorsport engineering.