The Impact of an Ageing Workforce on Manufacturing Business

Posted on 09 August 2021

It’s important for employers to understand how an ageing population might affect them. According to the CIPD (Charted Institute of Personnel and Development), employers are facing a demographic crunch, in other words, our workforce is shrinking. Maybe not every workforce. Maybe not your workforce. But as time goes on, the wider the talent pool we all have access to as employers, seems to be getting smaller, non-more so than manufacturing business across Lincolnshire.

Speaking of manufacturing businesses, we have a FREE Manufacturing Recruitment guide that explains modern manufacturing recruitment in much more detail across all areas.

In a Candidate driven marketplace, talented candidates can afford to be picky. Because chances are high that more than one organisation needs their skillset. And this can be a challenge for organisations who are trying to hire the best. You can remain competitive in a candidate-driven marketplace, by taking care of a few key areas of business. For example:

·        A faster recruitment process

·        A competitive offer

·        A strong culture and an alternative talent pool