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Aircrew Equipment Assembly

​Aircrew Equipment Assembly – AEA

Pilot Flight Equipment – PFE.

What is it?

Simply put, ALSE, AEA & PFE are collective terms for a broad spectrum of equipment that protects aviation professionals and their passengers safety when engaged in aviation activities, including during mishaps or in survival situations.

CAA CAP.632 gives guidance to operators of ‘Permit to Fly’ ex-military aircraft on the UK register, including Pilot Flight Equipment, AEA, ALSE.

Key Survival Equipment Ltd. are specialists in this field, having accrued vast experience in the maintenance, supervision and product training of ALSE / AEA / PFE. We work hand in hand with Survival Equipment / ALSE manufacturers and can recommend equipment to suit your circumstances and aircraft roles. Aircrew equipment worn is dictated by the type, role and operating environment of the aircraft. ALSE required by an off-shore pilot will be different to that of a HEMS pilot.

Let’s look at ALSE for a helicopter pilot in a temperate (European type) environment.


Base layer

Flying coverall



Life Preserver