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​Survival Equipment Specialists - known in the RAF as Survival Equipment Technicians are experts in the maintenance, modification, diagnostics and repair of the Airborne Life Support Equipment and Pilot Flight Equipment fitted to aircraft and crew members.

As a Survival Equipment Specialist, you will perform a key role supporting the operation of frontline aircraft, such as RAF Typhoon, Lightning II, Hawk (Red Arrows), Atlas, C17 Globemaster III, Poseidon, Rivet Joint, Shadow, Puma and Chinook, as well as Army Air Corps aircraft, like Apache and Special Forces Dauphin. A core team member, carrying out safety-critical engineering at a variety of locations in the UK or overseas, you may be responsible for the maintenance of Pilot Vision Enhancement Devices, mission-integrated protective helmets and oxygen masks, emergency locator beacons, life preservers including body armour and anti-G protection; emergency escape parachutes designed to save the lives of Pilots on ejection; or restraint systems, life rafts & survival packs to help ensure survival in aircraft accidents or emergencies. Survival Equipment Specialists also maintain man-carrying parachuting equipment used by UK Special Forces and specialist RAF, Army & Royal Marine units.

You will have the opportunity to deploy worldwide, supporting air operations and training in areas as diverse as Europe, USA, Middle East, South East Asia and many more. Like most people in the RAF, you may move locations every few years as part of your career development with further opportunities to diversify into a wide range of roles both within and outside of your specialisation.